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Besa, how do you like the combined degree program at JobRouter?

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Today theory, tomorrow practice - the combined degree student switches just as easily between the end devices, as company and university!

My name is Besa, I am 21 years old and since September 2017 I have been employed by JobRouter as a student of Applied Computer Science in a combined degree program. My heart beats mainly for development.

Why did you decide on a dual course of study?

It was always clear to me that I wanted to study. At first I started studying Applied Computer Science at a university. Unfortunately, a little later I realized that the whole thing was too theoretical and dry for me. But since I still wanted to study informatics anyway, I decided on a combined degree program with JobRouter AG at the DHBW Mannheim. In the end, I am glad that I decided on this option, because I can only draw positive conclusions from it. Of course, things can sometimes get stressful and tricky, but in a team, you find advice, tips and solutions relatively quickly together. A further advantage is the practical relevance, as you work directly on the technology in the company and can thus apply what you have learned. At the same time, one learns how to deal with problems. Which, conversely, is extremely motivating. In addition, you are substantially more freely as a dual student: Because one enjoys a certain financial independence and does not have to worry about a side job.

When did you first get interested in technology?

My interest in technology developed relatively early, I grew up with technology, so to speak! As a little girl I was so fascinated by the colorful fantasy world and the funny figures of computer games that I even created games myself. In the sublevel I finally had a subject called computer science for a few years. Unfortunately, this was no longer offered in senior classes, so I was all the more looking forward to my studies.

Remember a cool technology project from your school days?

In the beginning, we were working at school with Microsoft Office and the common formatting methods that you should be able to use to create texts on the computer. Later, we delved a little deeper into the world of computer science. A cool IT project that I still remember very well is probably the LEGO Mindstorms project. Back then, we were allowed to build robots and even program them ourselves, which ultimately strengthened my passion for programming.

What do you like most about IT?

I just think that even though IT is a very technical field, you can still be incredibly creative. You can implement virtually all the ideas you have with a program like this, and that fact alone is incredibly fascinating.

The most exciting project ever?

In fact, I am currently working independently on a larger project: An app, which we will use later for events such as the partner conference or the user conference. It's an app that can be used as a customer-friendly additional option, so to speak, to stay up to date about our current and upcoming events and to register for them if necessary. The exciting thing for me is that I have broken completely new ground in this project, as I have never programmed or written an app before. But this experience is what makes a dual course of study so special!

What makes working at JobRouter exciting?

Well, for me the whole thing is generally very exciting, as I am still studying and learning something new every day. In addition, in a great environment, because you can of course get expert help quickly if you have problems. But when we're not busy with our core projects, we always let off steam with interesting outsourcing projects. Next week, for example, we are planning an excursion where we will look at a new programming language and already want to start a small project with it. The special thing about the work here is that we really have totally different personalities, from different countries and nations. I see this as a huge enrichment, which has a very positive effect on the working atmosphere. After all, our flat hierarchy runs through all floors, so that we are even on "you" terms with the Executive Board. We all just feel good when sitting together, developing, exchanging ideas and helping each other. Then it sometimes feels like a gripping session with hackers, where everyone contributes something and in the end something really cool comes out.

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