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For Jenny, software development at JobRouter had a certain "bow-wow" effect

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Come to love the dog - the company is enriched not only by Jenny's tech skills as a developer, but also by the entertainment skills of her dog Ronja!

How did your interest in IT develop?

In fact, I am one of those people who have been fiddling with technology since they were a kid. At that time my big brother, who is also in IT, showed me the world of HTML, CSS and JavaScript for the first time at the age of 13. However, my mother was convinced that I should only have access to the Internet when I was 18. Therefore, my brother gave me the offline page of SelfHTML as a CD and literally said "You can have Internet without Internet". Thus, my interest was awakened. Shortly afterwards I started to write small learning programs using JavaScript. This was followed by my own website, which I later converted to PHP. So my passion for technology has come a long way!

How did you find JobRouter AG and what makes it so unique for you?

Last year I sent out a handful of applications, as I this was a turning point in my career and I started thinking about my future. It then turned out that I had accidentally written to an headhunter. After I had received the call from the agent, I sent him a summarizing mail from my "dream job" - even if I thought at the same moment that it is very unlikely that all criteria can be fulfilled.

Shortly afterwards, the agent contacted me with the following words: "Jenny, I have found your dream job". Two days later I had my job interview at JobRouter and I couldn’t agree more! And when I was allowed to take my dog Ronja to the office for the first time after two months in the company, I simply knew: This is it!

I didn’t even include this criterion into the mail to the mediator back then, nevertheless it came true! In the beginning Ronja was a little noisy, but she was warmly welcomed and after a very short time she got used to the situation. Now, everyone comes to her and wants to crawl her, play with her – I believe that thereby the interpersonal factor comes very much into the foreground. For me personally the work gets the certain "bow-wow" effect having a dog in the office. It creates an even more joyful and relaxed working atmosphere. Everyone is very amused about Ronnie's playful nature.

I can still remember her first day here: At that time she was so nervous that she "vaporized" the people in the room - by her flatulence! This has remained in everyone’s memory to this day and still makes people laugh. In the end it's the colleagues who make JobRouter special. We all enjoy good food and joint activities, but are still focused on common goals. You can develop personally and professionally, which is why JobRouter AG is my employer of choice.

How do you think JobRouter enriches you?

An essential plus point for me is that at JobRouter not only partners and customers enjoy high esteem, but at the same level do employees. The fact that the company sees us not only as a valuable resource, but rather as talents with ongoing development potential, can be felt in all aspects here. A concrete example: Other cultures and countries have always interested me and I have always found it desirable to immerse myself in them through my profession. I find it simply outstanding to know that this very option is offered here, for five different points of view abroad - at once.

But I would also like to develop professionally in the form of a dual course of study, which is wanted and actively supported here. Sometimes I even have the feeling that you don't have to adapt to the company here, but that the company is oriented towards the employee. But that's what JobRouter is all about: Employees are appreciated here and so great value is placed on their well-being, their wishes for the future as well as their ideas and initiatives.

What would be your advice for someone who is interested in an IT profession?

If you have an affinity for new media and a little technological understanding, you should definitely try to get a taste of these professions bit by bit. For example, internships and information events, perhaps also friends or acquaintances are suitable. The "click effect" typically occurs during an internship and can be very helpful in deciding. In this context it might not be completely wrong to look for a mentor and actively ask for advice. Most of the time you are surprised how many people are enthusiastic about this field and like to offer support.

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