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Process management with JobRouter®

Control complex workflows company-wide with one digitization platform

Invoice Processing, Rights and Role Management, Audit Trails - Good business processes need to be much more than just digital

Classic document management systems (DMS) or enterprise content management systems (ECM) enjoy great popularity in document-heavy processes. This is obvious, but it is worth taking a look behind the document at the underlying workflow.

In the case of Accounts Payable processing, "Invoice Receipt Verification" is often used as an example for a complex workflow. However, not every system that is geared to document management can meet the complex requirements of data management and transparent and secure process flows.

In practice, however, this does not cover all requirements - such as:

In practice, however, this does not cover all requirements - such as:

  • Can you use tables (e.g. invoice or order items) in dialogs and thus add or remove entries?
  • Can transactions based on item data be processed in parallel and merged again (e.g. division of invoice items by cost center)?
  • Can amounts be changed directly on the invoice and then new totals be automatically calculated?
  • Can queries be made directly from the process step?
  • Are all changes to the invoice document logged and are they QM-compatible?
  • Is it possible to transfer data to external applications such as SAP?
  • Can the process perform background activities, e.g. read and write database entries or start external programs?
  • Does a dialog designer allow the individual design of digital forms?
  • Can dialogs and task lists be configured in multiple languages?
  • Can dialog elements be shown and hidden dynamically?
  • Can mandatory fields be used?
  • Can data be read dynamically from external databases

All possible with JobRouter.

Create complex workflows with JobRouter®

 The JobRouter® Digital Process Automation platform solves these requirements and many more thanks to flexible modules and interfaces. This allows JobRouter® to map all types of workflows, including parallel steps, customizable rights and role management, and flexible escalations and notifications. No matter whether you want to automate document- or data-driven processes - learn more about the versatile JobRouter® deployment scenarios.

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