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JobRouter® & Microsoft Outlook

Revision-proof e-mail archiving with JobRouter® and Microsoft Outlook

Modern office communication has evolved rapidly with technology. But in spite of chat tools like Slack and RocketChat and collaboration platforms like Trello or Google Docs, 90 percent of employees still use e-mails for internal and external communications. The more e-mails are sent and received, the more complex it becomes. There can be a lack of clarity and just as often a lack of storage capacity.

With the JobRouter® components for agile document management - coordination, development, revision, control and distribution of digitized documents and data can be managed and controlled. The JobRouter® platform adapts to company requirements, existing systems and working methods. With the add-in JobMail Connect module, JobRouter® connects directly to the Microsoft Outlook Client, for example, where e-mails can be managed, attached to processes and stored in a revision-proof digital archive.

Automatically archive emails from the mailbox

Automatically archive emails from the mailbox

JobRouter & Outlook integration | JobRouter Digital Process Automation Platform

The JobMail Connect module integrates JobRouter® archives into Microsoft Exchange and all Outlook versions from 2010 onwards to ease the load on e-mail systems and create a central repository in the document pool.

As a result, all e-mails available in Outlook can be indexed using a storage dialog and archived in long-term format (PDF) or in the original Outlook format (MSG). Your archived documents are stored in a revision-proof long-term archive and can be retrieved at any time. In addition, already archived e-mails can be recognized and e-mail attachments can be automatically deleted from Outlook - this saves an enormous amount of space in your mailbox.

Features and benefits:

  • Complete integration into the Outlook mail client
  • Archive and open directly from Outlook
  • Archiving in PDF or original MSG format
  • Addition of fixed values and index data
  • Integrated online update and automatic configuration distribution by e-mail
  • Optional SQL queries for index extension
  • Identification and cleansing of e-mails
  • Full support of Outlook 2010, 2013 & 20
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