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JobRouter® & Windows Explorer

Connect Windows Explorer to the JobRouter® Digital Archive

The success of a digitization project is often determined by a simple factor, user satisfaction. Once employees have become accustomed to a process or way of working, companies should consider this in their digital strategy.

Thanks to a multitude of agile interfaces, the JobRouter® Digital Process Automation platform  fits perfectly into any existing IT infrastructure and optimizes data transfer between systems, applications and corporate divisions. Among other things, it is possible to integrate the JobArchive digital archive and retain the Windows Explorer folder structure.

Revision-proof & digital archive

The JobExplorer interface allows you to integrate JobRouter® archives easily and completely into the Windows file system. The integration of JobExplorer as a separate drive offers users a familiar working environment through which they can access all centrally stored documents. This increases acceptance and minimizes training effort.

Creating & managing archives with JobExplorer

With JobExplorer, any JobRouter archive can be displayed and files can be easily stored and opened using drag & drop. The simple multi-selection of documents also makes daily work easier, as does the ability to store entire directories in the archive.

Find, view & edit index data

The user only notices that the files are stored centrally in the JobRouer® platform when searching or when an indexing dialog appears. Files and their index data can be changed or modified using this dialog.

Define views for archives

Multiple views and levels can be defined for each archive. For example, a folder structure can be sorted according to customer, document type and year and a second structure can be defined  which sorts according to document type and year.

Send documents directly from JobExolorer

If an e-mail client such as Outlook, Thunderbird, Notes or Windows Mail is installed, documents can also be exchanged directly as attachments using the "Send to e-mail recipient" menu item.

Features and Benefits

  • Full integration of JobArchive archives into the file system as a drive
  • Optional and integrated export function as PDF and ZIP files
  • Display of any number of archives, levels and structures
  • Drag & Drop archiving of files with and without filing dialog
  • Calling JobViewer and JobViewer2 via the context menu
  • Changes to Index Values
  • "Send to" mail clients like Outlook, Notes, Thunderbird, etc.
  • Export and import function of the configuration settings
  • Extensive search function with hit list
  • Open and save from any application
  • Extensive information in the column display
  • Module

    JobExplorer - JobRouter® Archive for Windows Fans

    The JobExplorer interface allows you to integrate JobRouter® document archives easily and completely into the Windows file system.

  • Dental Compnay uses JobRouter to automate HR and product-life-cycle processes.
    Success Story

    Automating hiring and product life-cycle management

    Dental Product company hires the best scientists and researchers and manages product end-of-life-cycle using HR and QA processes created with JobRouter.

  • Glass manufacturer automates HR, accounting and IT processes with theJobRouter Digital Process Automation Platform
    Success Story

    Workplace of the future

    Global specialty glass manufacturer uses JobRouter to migrate from IBM to MS IT structure and automates accounting and HR processes.

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