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Digital business processes displace documents

The digitization of the working environment requires that companies rethink and discuss the basics: As part of his presentation, Fritz-Jochen Weber, CEO of Mannheimer software manufacturer JobRouter AG, questioned the benefits of traditional document management systems in the clerical processing of commercial documents, at the congress exhibition ECM World on 15 and 16 September at the Maritim Hotel Düsseldorf, "The classic document structure as we know it will disappear from our everyday business," said Weber. "The aim must be the automated adjustment of the position data about the entire document chain. Therefore, in the future documents are only transport containers for fully described positional data. A further aspect is the expanded use of direct data exchange between the companies and the use of portals" Weber adds.

The format of commercial documents has never been changed for hundreds of years. The document header lists all significant information about the issuer and recipient of the document. In addition, document number, date and document value are part of the header level. Everything else, therefore all individual items with prices, discounts and condition agreements are listed in the item level. Offers, orders, delivery notes and invoices partially maintain highly complex relationships with one another: multiple orders, collective or partial deliveries, payment invoices and partial or collective invoices are rarely in a linear relation to each other. Therefore, the clerical processing of documents is confusing and time-consuming. Checking, making something plausible and possibly correcting only works with the help of the integration of additional information from the ERP systems.

The classic subdivision of documents in header and item level inhibits any kind of fully automatic adjustment of individual line items. The solution is the simple creation of detailed position data. The advantage is immense: With the use of a workflow or ERP system the accurate position data can consider all concerning merchandise management relations of a workflow instance across all types of documents and parts of documents. The processing of additional information about individual workflow instances by integrating data from ERP systems and external portals and additional sources also runs partially or fully automated. "The automated processing of all line items creates enormous potential for savings and prevents errors. It only refers to the qualified personnel clerical processing when there are deviations, otherwise the system takes care of everything else “explains the CEO of the Mannheim software manufacturer JobRouter AG.

In the future, clerical processing will be data based executed. A person acts as a decision intelligence instance and intervenes when deviations occur which cannot be automatically ruled by the system due to the existing exceptional factors. Highly scalable and independent workflow management systems such as JobRouter® can then control the handling of exceptions. The paradigm shift from classic document structures to data is also a fundamental requirement for important issues of the future. "The closer data networking and possibility of direct communication between machines and systems require accurate data. Industry 4.0 is not possible with the old familiar document and its structure" Weber concluded.

JobRouter AG

Short profile JobRouter AG

JobRouter AG is a globally active provider of solutions for digital business transformation and offers a cross-industry low-code digital process automation platform for customers of all sizes. JobRouter helps companies to optimize their workflow, to manage their data and documents efficiently and to digitize their internal and external business processes. The modular components of the JobRouter® technology also allow solutions to be expanded and individually configured according to requirements. As a result, companies receive a comprehensive and tailored system with a large number of agile interfaces.

Together with an international network of over 190 partners and its own branches in Great Britain, Turkey and the USA, JobRouter AG now supplies over 1500 customers worldwide, including leading companies such as Euromaster, HARIBO, HELMA Eigenheimbau, Hochschule Konstanz, Klöckner & Co., MEYER WERFT, S&G Automobil, University of Bern and ZF TRW.

JobRouter AG has its headquarters in Mannheim. Further information is available at


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