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JobRouter® 4.2 – New Features

More features, better performance, enhanced user-experience

BPM and flexible document management from one provider / Document view with digital stamp and release function / Automated creation of dynamic templates during the process / Selective pick-lists and index field linkage for the data management

Mannheim, April 5th , 2018 –JobRouter Group, a global supplier of a cross-industry Low-Code platform for comprehensive digital business transformation, enhances the functionality of document management through its current release, JobRouter® 4.2. Besides the newly designed JobViewer 2 for document view, release and editing from any process, the existing components for the maintenance of data and archiving of documents were rectified. Thus, facilitating a more user friendly and easier work on the PC or other mobile devices. 

With the introduction of the archive module JobArchive, the document viewer JobViewer was also integrated in the JobRouter® platform. JobViewer enables the display of about 300 different file types in the browser. However, the requirements related to viewers are rising steadily, espeacilly through the increasing document functionality integration in workflows, the chances for interaction are growing likewise. That’s why JobRouter® 4.2 is offering the JobViewer 2 module, which is much better integrated in JobRouter®, to enable agile work with documents and data. JobViewer 2 is especially designed for the work with typical business documents and receipts and supports all common formats: PDF, image, office and text files.

“With JobViewer 2 we created a new basis for the work with documents in JobRouter®, which we will broaden further in the following months, including many new functionalities, such as the signing of documents”, states Axel Ensinger, Co-CEO and CPO JobRouter AG. “With the integration of a new messenger level in JobRouter® 4.2 we simultaneously laid the foundation for the use of future system actions not only asynchronous on the server side but directly from the dialog.”

The current functions in JobRouter® 4.2 are, among others, as follows:

  • Drag & Drop – Easy index data recording: When storing documents in an archive as well as during the work with documents in a workflow, information has to be transferred regularly from the document into the index dialog or the workflow form. JobViewer 2 automatically runs an OCR over the document, extracting text and information and providing them for an easy recording. Whole lines or individual words can be inserted from the document in the form element by Drag & Drop.
  • Annotations with control function Thanks to the deep integration of JobViewer 2 not only the recording person is stored for each annotation but also the recording date. So, it is transparent at any time, who entered which note in the document at which time and date. Additionally to texts and graphical elements, it is possible to install colored check marks for faster control.
  • Stamp with digital added value: In JobViewer 2 digital stamps were integrated, which can be applied by the user within a workflow, though they can’t be removed after they have been placed. In contrasts to simple image stamps these JobViewer stamps are managed completely by the workflow. So the selected stamps are only visible, if they are needed in the process. Process designers create these stamps simply through the dialog via the JobRouter® API. Through this tight connection between workflow and document function, a safe work surrounding is created for documents and processes.
  • API support: Processdesigners should be free as much as possible when it comes to working with the viewer. That’s why interaction functions are integrated directly. So it is e.g. possible to query the form, if a stamp has been already placed and the work step can be send. The other way round, it is possible to perform a step in a form during the placement of a stamp, e.g. in order to dispatch the step.
  • Optimized user experience: By redesigning the viewer it became possible to enhance functions fundamentally, such as the leafing through stapled files within a document. Also the design was shaped in a more appealing way. Additionally, document download is now easier for the user and offers the possibility to choose between the original document, a PDF with annotations, or a PDF without annotations.
  • Configuration: JobViewer 2 is delivered together with the former version of JobViewer. So the user can decide himself, which functionalities he needs. This setting can be opened dynamically, depending on the data type, which means that e.g. not files not supported by JobViewer 2 will be displayed in the former version or offered directly for download.

To enable users to access and process their contents, data and files from different processes directly as well as to enable them to fulfill their tasks according to the company requirements, programming interfaces have been enhanced and existing components of the JobRouter® platform were optimized:

  • Export of archived documents in the form of PDFs from any process
  • Filtering of email inboxes by attachments before archiving and processing of the attachment automatically
  • Dynamic templates: PDF generation in any process from only one Word file
  • Selective pick-lists: Linkage of index dialogs in the archive through variables
  • Pooling: Parallel barcode-processing without waiting times
  • Integration of selective pick-lists in JobData via SQL request
  • Selection of released JobData columns by show/hide
  • Grouping of return values and accounts for construction invoices from the JobMind Bau dialog
  • Creation of new widgets and their sorting in dashboard categories
JobRouter AG

Short profile JobRouter AG

JobRouter AG is a globally active provider of solutions for digital business transformation and offers a cross-industry low-code digital process automation platform for customers of all sizes. JobRouter helps companies to optimize their workflow, to manage their data and documents efficiently and to digitize their internal and external business processes. The modular components of the JobRouter® technology also allow solutions to be expanded and individually configured according to requirements. As a result, companies receive a comprehensive and tailored system with a large number of agile interfaces.

Together with an international network of over 190 partners and its own branches in Great Britain, Turkey and the USA, JobRouter AG now supplies over 1500 customers worldwide, including leading companies such as Euromaster, HARIBO, HELMA Eigenheimbau, Hochschule Konstanz, Klöckner & Co., MEYER WERFT, S&G Automobil, University of Bern and ZF TRW.

JobRouter AG has its headquarters in Mannheim. Further information is available at

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