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JobRouter® recognized in Independent Research Vendor Landscape for Low Code Development Platforms report

New categories for low code platforms impact the market / JobRouter® digitization platform recognized as a provider

Mannheim, 17. August 2017 – For the first time, the JobRouter Group from Mannheim has been listed in the Forrester Research Vendor Landscape for low code development platforms with its JobRouter® digitization platform. The highly scalable and agile JobRouter® platform provides expandable modules and interfaces for the comprehensive digital transformation of business processes, data and documents out of one centralized interface. Users can adapt their digital processes quickly and tailored to the requirements of their company structure - with very little programming effort.

This year's Vendor Landscape "A Fork In The Road For Low Code Development Platforms" researches the market for suppliers and manufacturers of various digital platforms while presenting new categories of AD&D pros (Application Design & Development) and Business Developers. For the first time, Mannheim software manufacturer JobRouter AG was also listed as a provider of a low code platform with a focus on AD&D Professionals.

"For us, the listing in this Forrester Vendor Landscape is an incredible achievement and a confirmation of our work and our approach," says Fritz-Jochen Weber, CEO of JobRouter AG. "Over the past few years and months, we have consistently worked to adapt our solution to the requirements of digital work and to develop new possibilities for digital leaders and adopters. We are also observing that the market is characterized by diametrical developments. On the one hand, the demand for individual solutions for the digital enterprise transformation is increasing. On the other hand, developers and computer scientists are a rare commodity, which is becoming increasingly scarce. With our platform, we can address this problem and provide companies a solution to help them digitize their processes and reduce the programming efforts at the same time. Our aim is to develop the platform to become more and more intelligent and to enable the rapid, customized and comprehensive digitization of work.”

JobRouter AG

Short profile JobRouter AG

JobRouter AG is a globally active provider of solutions for digital business transformation and offers a cross-industry low-code digital process automation platform for customers of all sizes. JobRouter helps companies to optimize their workflow, to manage their data and documents efficiently and to digitize their internal and external business processes. The modular components of the JobRouter® technology also allow solutions to be expanded and individually configured according to requirements. As a result, companies receive a comprehensive and tailored system with a large number of agile interfaces.

Together with an international network of over 190 partners and its own branches in Great Britain, Turkey and the USA, JobRouter AG now supplies over 1500 customers worldwide, including leading companies such as Euromaster, HARIBO, HELMA Eigenheimbau, Hochschule Konstanz, Klöckner & Co., MEYER WERFT, S&G Automobil, University of Bern and ZF TRW.

JobRouter AG has its headquarters in Mannheim. Further information is available at


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