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JobRouter® workflow management system with top ranking in the Fraunhofer IESE BPM Market Study 2014

For the second time since 2013, the Fraunhofer Institute for Experimental Software Engineering IESE is illuminating the market for business process management suites. While eight providers of BPM software took part in the market analysis at the premiere last year, 20 providers of business process management solutions have already been included in the current study. In a workshop, the participating manufacturers had to map the capabilities of the respective BPM suite on the basis of a predefined process and spontaneous change scenarios with regard to the process itself and the organizational structure that had been predefined by the testers from science and practice. The objectives of the study are to increase market transparency for BPM software as such and to compare the performance of the products on the basis of the specified criteria of process modeling, process implementation, integration of systems, process execution, runtime management, process controlling, BPM governance and administration, in each case in terms of power and convenience.

JobRouter® - Best Comfort in Execution and Runtime Management

In record time and with distinction, the workflow management system JobRouter® was able to implement the change scenarios required by the team of experts. A clear development specification of the JobRouter® software is helpful: Processes must be easily and intuitively adaptable to changed situations within running processes. Therefore, the BPM software was rated the best product of the study in the test categories Process Execution and Runtime Management, taking into account the comfort of the software. With regard to the power of the two criteria mentioned, a top ranking in the upper third of the tested solutions was achieved.

"The successful participation in the market study 2014 pleases us very much, but does not surprise us," comments Fritz-Jochen Weber, CEO of JobRouter AG. "The result is exemplary for our customer and partner feedback from over 600 JobRouter® projects worldwide," Weber concluded.