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JobRouter® Platform

Your next step to seamless digital transformation

Linking all processes, data & documents with one Digital Process Automation platform. Sounds good? But what is truly the big difference between our approach and a million other digitalization tools?

JobRouter® provides companies with a scalable platform for step-by-step or comprehensive digital transformation. A platform that is low-code, industry-independent, feature-rich and integrated. Users benefit from excellent process automation, intelligent document recognition, agile document management, efficient data management and audit-proof archiving.

Feature-rich platform approach

Thanks to its flexible, modular and scalable technology, companies can use the JobRouter® digitization platform for customized automation and process-oriented applications.  With powerful functionalities and flexible interfaces, JobRouter® integrates seamlessly into the existing system landscape and extends it. In that way JobRouter® is used to collect, retrieve, process, edit, archive or forward data and documents and initiate new processes.

Our approach is unique. We link your processes, documents and data throughout the entire company, between all systems, business units and departments.

Fully integrated into your IT landscape

Additionally, JobRouter® can be linked to internal and external company systems to improve overall communication and data transfer. Using defined access and business rules, JobRouter® helps increase digital efficiency, transparency and control across an organization. Our Digital Process Automation platform enables cross-application, certifiable and quickly adaptable processes as well as enabling digital work; mobile, local and in the Cloud.

JobRouter® brings together what belongs together:

Low-code Workflow, Agile Content Management & Integrated Data Management. Experience seamless work in an agile environment.

Competitiveness today

Agile business model and consistently convincing product and service quality

The motto is: Customer expectations are always changing, no company wants to miss the boat! A multitude of digital tools and applications should help companies to react quickly and increase efficiency. But often this only increases the administrative effort. Because the individual systems do not communicate - intermediate steps are left behind or have to be carried out manually.

Our digitization platform grows with the requirements of your company, integrates existing tools and extends their efficiency with its own functions. No matter how fast the digital change may be - your digital processes keep pace!

JobRouter® mobile

Digital work is everywhere – so is JobRouter®

Modern work is always in motion. It’s a good thing that you can take your JobRouter® platform anywhere and get your tasks done more efficiently – and in great comfort. The JobRouter® App offers great features for both process and document management on the go. You can start workflows such as your expense report or holiday request and capture, edit and cache documents with the tip of your finger!

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