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JobRouter® Digital Process Automation Key Benefits

Turning Processes Into Assets

JobRouter® is a full-featured, easy-to-use and extremely powerful all-in-one platform for creating workflow automation, electronic forms and document management solutions. JobRouter® solutions deliver process automation benefits focused on value creation for your business.

To​ stay competitive, ​business must be as efficient and adaptable as possible. Organizations use JobRouter​® ​to ​transforms business processes for tangible BPM and DPA Business Benefits​ ​such as improved operating efficiency, lower costs, increased service and product innovation and ​a better bottom line.

JobRouter® Digital Process Automation Benefits

Ease of use. Create powerful workflow applications — without programming

JobRouter is exceptionally intuitive to use. From simple process improvements to sophisticated workflows, process owners, designers, administrators and users will quickly feel confident in their ability to tame complexity and gain control over processes.

  • Compose workflows and electronic forms intuitively with a visual design engine.
  • No programming, specialized IT staff or complex system configuration is needed.
  • Users become comfortable with the web-based interface within minutes.

Automate any process, exception, business rule

Convert any manual or paper-based procedures into automated, consistent, transparent and efficient processing of applications, forms, approvals, service reports, invoices, requests, corrective actions.

  • Stay compliant with laws, regulations and internal standards.
  • Connect processes and systems for organization-wide visibility and control.
  • Easily handle exceptions that require action across multiple departments.
  • Process large quantities of ‘cases’ (paper or electronic) per day/month.

A flexible platform you can build on

Do things your way. JobRouter combines extensive functionality with flexibility so each organization can tailor processes to meet their unique needs.

  • Automate one process or a hundred. Start where you are.
  • Easily build-on, modify and connect related workflows and processes.
  • Integrate with existing applications and processes.
  • No template lock-in and no need to purchase single-purpose tools.

A cost-effective model - a quick ROI

In contrast to other products with high licensing and operating costs, JobRouter can be implemented quickly, scalability and cost-effectively on-premise or in a cloud model.

  • Pay only for what you use with per-server-based licensing
  • Easily scale up at any time, adding features, modules and capabilities as needed..
  • Standard web/database server infrastructure is all that is needed..
  • Web-based. No client software is required.

Cost Savings​ due to error reduction

Eliminate manual tasks and reduce the risk of errors and rework:

  • Streamline processes to reduce redundancies.
  • Connect more effectively with internal teams, suppliers and customers.
  • Increase productivity by putting information, tasks, and documents at the fingertips of those who needs it.
  • Gain a technical foundation for consistent and compliant process execution.

Gain business agility with flexible processes

Easily adapt processes to a changing business environment:

  • Changes to existing processes can be made quickly.
  • New processes can be implemented quickly to exploit opportunities.
  • Transparent and consistency processes support Compliance
  • Easy-to-use tools give process owners the power to manage processes
  • Processes can be evaluated and improved as part of daily operations
  • Intelligent forms and dynamic flow controls adapt to actual business needs

Improve real-time visibility

Business process automation can provide the information needed to make informed decisions:

  • Everyone with a task to perform has all the information they need at their fingertips.
  • Management and operations have greater visibility into business operations.
  • Real-time transparency and monitoring of business process performance.
  • Fast and accurate reporting for decisions makers and auditors.

Everyone loves working with JobRouter®

  • Use​rs Love JobRouter

    Using JobRouter is easy.
    ​No time consuming training is necessary. After only a few minutes your users will become familiar with the web-based user interface and can work on tasks assigned to them.

  • IT Loves JobRouter

    JobRouter is easy to manage.
    No specialized IT staff is needed. Other than the fact that every IT system of this kind requires a daily data backup and security updates, there is very little for your IT team to do.

  • CFOs Love JobRouter

    JobRouter is easy on the budget.
    JobRouter can deliver a quick ROI. In contrast to other products with high licensing and operating costs, JobRouter ​can be implemented quickly, cost effectively, and scalably.​

  • Analysts Love JobRouter

    Composing workflow applications is easy and low-code.
    JobRouter workflow software includes a visual designer and forms builder that allows you to easily map your processes, create sophisticated forms and add business rules graphically!

  • Auditors Love JobRouter

    JobRouter makes governance and compliance efforts easier.
    Built-in audit trails, data validation, business rules, and granular security support your compliance efforts - making it easier to achieve and demonstrate compliance performance

  • Managers Love JobRouter

    JobRouter gives control and visibility.
    Managers can monitor the performance of their business processes and staff - and there are numerous ways to analyze the process data to uncover and implement process improvements.

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