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JobRouter® Platform

Digital is Change: Be prepared for everything

JobRouter® links your processes, documents and data in one feature-rich platform. Let's dive into digital transformation!

One platform - endless application scenarios: Start digital transformation your way with the JobRouter® Digital Process Automation Platform

Choose digital freedom - Do more with JobRouter®

The time of stand-alone software solutions and rigid, unadaptable apps is over! The digital future is intelligent and connected. JobRouter® offers a platform that integrates processes, documents and data and thus forms the basis for your individual process applications.

Bring the company together - anywhere, anytime, as you require.

The JobRouter® Digital Process Digitization and Automation Platform combines efficient workflow management, agile content management and feature-rich data intelligence features in one scalable solution. With JobRouter® you are free to create your Digital Office  - low-code, fast, customized.

Clear dashboards with customized widgets

The JobRouter® Dashboard is your stating point for digital work and gives you a clear overview of the information you need. With customizable widgets, JobRouter® retrieves data from various data sources and displays it in your preferred style, as pie charts and diagrams or master data.

Real Workflow Management

The variety of integrated interfaces and modules makes JobRouter® a powerful tool for automating practically any scenario in the field of business processes – whether it’s for document-based or data-driven processes.

Low-code Process Design

With JobRouter Designer, JobRouter provides a graphical user interface (GUI) to display and compose complete web-based workflow applications. Due to our low-code approach, anyone can design and edit individual workflows in the Designer's graphical flowchart - in no time, with little or no programming effort!

Agile Document Management

With its agile components, JobRouter® combines business processes and document management to create one integrated solution. Whether you want to fully integrate JobRouter® archives into your Windows file system, archive your emails from Microsoft Exchange and Outlook, or arrange the format of invoices to conform with a special  invoicing standard – your documents are always in good hands with JobRouter®.

Intelligent Data Recognition

Whether it’s processing invoices at the header level and line item level or the verification and adjustion of invoices according to special requirements – JobRouter® processes document data and intelligently analyses it independently for you.

Smart File Storage: JobRouter® DocumentHub

The JobRouter® DocumentHub is the intelligent and mobile file storage that is accessible from any JobRouter® instance on any device. You can upload documents, invoices or receipts to your personal clipboard and process it further in a corresponding workflow. All files are automatically synched between your devices and transformed into PDF.

Digitization on the go: JobRouter® App

Capture, edit and cache documents on the move with the JobRouter® Scan App and sync it autoamtically with your desktop application. Start your travel requests, approval requests or sick leave request anytime and upload corresponding receipts via your mobile device.

Comprehensive integrations

Get the most out of your existing IT landscape and enjoy the full digital potential of your business processes! The JobRouter® Platform offers you a flexible REST API for seamless integration to your existing or pre-defined IT landscape or tools. 

Countless use cases

JobRouter® is always as simple or complex as you need it to be. Depending on where your challenges lie, the platform offers a different solution. You get a powerful and flexible digitization platform that digitally connects processes, documents and data in such a way that you can digitally map an infinite number of application scenarios - across departments and third-party systems!

Choose from a wide module range

Choose from a wide range of extendable modules and system activities to create your perfect digital transformation platform. Take only what you require now - and stay flexible for future developments. A large number of JobRouter® modules and system activities reduce users' monotonous and recurring activities and reduce the potential for errors. Your processes run error-free, traceable and exactly as you specify them.

Always accessible - on your terms

The JobRouter® Digital Process Automation Platform is entirely web-based so that the user is free to choose their preferred access device. The same goes for our licensing models: JobRouter® is available as an On-Premise, SasS or cloud-based solution.  

JobRouter® – Low-Code Digital Transformation Platform
We at JobRouter believe that only a combination of increasing powerful functionalities and minimizing the effort of accessing them will boost your digital business transformation. That’s why we have combined enterprise-wide Workflow Management, agile Content Management & Integrated Data Management with AI & Machine Learning features in one cutting-edge platform. With the help of our scalable platform technology, you can develop customized process applications for your enterprise, kickstart your digital potential & do much more with much less programming effort.
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